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Hickey O'Donoghue's Limerick Property Management Services:

Hickey O'Donoghue's Limerick Property Management Services:

We offer a combined letting and management service for people who do not wish to be or are unable to be involved in the letting and daily management of their property.

Step-By-Step Guide To Property Management

The first step
Before placing your property on the market for letting we arrange to view the property and advise of the rent obtainable. With every property we aim to find you the most suitable tenant at the highest obtainable rent. We will advise of any work that may need to be done before placing on the market. We will explain the process in detail and answer any questions you have.

Once instructed, we will prepare to market the property in a suitable manner. We will photograph the property; place it on our office listing and web site. We will place an advertisement at a very minimal cost. A ‘To Let’ Sign can be put in place if required.

Prospective tenants will arrange to view the property with one of our experienced letting agents who will accompany them to the property. Only suitable tenants will be considered. We will require a key to the property.

Qualifying the tenant
We require references from all tenants moving into the property, i.e. both previous landlord references and work references. We carefully inspect all references and if we are happy we will take a deposit. Before moving in to the property tenants must pay a security deposit (equal to one months rent) plus the first months rent in our office. They must provide photo I.D. and the P.P.S. numbers of all tenants so the tenancy may be registered with the PRTB (Private Residential Tenancy Board).

Utility bills
Utility bills will be transferred directly to the tenant’s names; we will read the meters.

All tenants must be present to sign up for the property. At this stage before receiving the keys they must sign the contract, complete a PRTB form to register the tenancy, change utility bills and set up standing order so rent will be paid directly to your account.

Only when all of the above requirements have been met and completed will a tenant receive a key to the property.

We will send you a copy of the contract for your own records along with the signed PRTB form.

We take our fee directly from the monies received in our office (rent & security). We take a once off fee as every month thereafter the rent in full will be lodged to your account by the tenants. We will do up the account and return the balance to you along with a statement.

Day To Day Management Of The Property

Who deals with queries?
Over the course of the tenancy if any tenant queries arise we will liase directly with the tenants to resolve any outstanding matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What happens if there’s a problem with the house?
If there is any problem with the house that may require immediate attention we have a host of maintenance and trades people at hand who can resolve the problem quickly at a very reasonable cost. We will organise access and co-ordinate trades people if requested by landlord.

What happens when tenants are vacating?
Tenants are required to give one months notice, during this period we will market the property to find new tenants.

Once the tenants have vacated we will inspect the property, read the meters and arrange final accounts. If everything is in order you will be required to return the deposit.

For more information contact us by phone on 061-310022 or submit your query via our contact form.