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1. Costs / Expenses Associated With Buying A House:

a. Solicitor Fees:
Hickey O'Donoghue have a special arrangement with a panel of local solicitors and can arrange discounts on the above rates

b. Valuation Fee:

  • Your lending institution will require a valuation
  • Hickey 0'Donoghue can arrange competitive rates

c. Surveyors Fees:

  • New homes registered with home bond come with a 10 year Structural Guarantee
  • It is advisable to arrange a surveyors report particularly on 2nd hand property.

d. Auctioneers:
The vendor pays the Auctioneer. The purchaser has no payment here!!

2. New Stamp Duty Rates

Stamp Duty is a duty levied on documents or instruments, executed in Ireland, relating to conveyances and certain other transactions.

3. What Else Do I Need To Know?

Second Hand House

Normally a booking deposit is payable to the auctioneer or estate agent, to secure the property you are buying, this is usually €5,000 to 10% of the purchase price of the property. The conditions of payment of this deposit should be subject to contract, good title, survey and loan approval. This is fully refundable prior to signing of contract.

New House

  • Normally €2,000 - €5,000 booking fee
  • 10% upon signing of contracts
  • Balance on completion of sale

What is involved if I want to sell my property?

  1. Decide which auctioneer you are going to employ
  2. Contact us without any obligation & we will agree a competitive rate satisfactory to you.
  3. Agree an advertising budget.
  4. Remember when you decide to sell your property - let as many people as possible know your house is for sale (even let your neighbours know). It is therefore very important to have a sign in your garden and a photograph of your property on display in your agent's shop window, property brochures and virtual tour.
  5. So have you decided you are selling??? Tel (061) 310022 or e-mail, us now and we will be pleased to advise you.

You need a Solicitor

  1. Decide on which firm you are going to use. Contact Hickey O'Donoghue if you need any assistance in deciding.
  2. If you are buying and selling your solicitor will probably quote you an overall fee for both.
  3. Have you any extensions which require planning permission? These should be resolved at the beginning as this can cause delays later in the sale.
  4. Instruct your solicitor as early as possible so that they can arrange the necessary paper work.
  5. If you have a mortgage, your solicitor will need to get the deeds from your bank/building society.