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Property Valuations:

Property valuations in respect of all types of residential or commercial properties are undertaken by Hickey O Donoghue, Limerick Valuers & Auctioneers.

Property valuation can be defined as the art or science of estimating the value for a specific purpose of a particular interest in property at a particular moment in time, taking into consideration all the features of the property and also taking into account all the underlying economic factors of the market, including the range of alternative investments.

Mortgage Valuation Information:

  • In order for us to issue your Bank/Broker etc with your valuation as soon as possible we require to collect the fee on site.
  • To discuss your valuation requirements further please contact us on 061-310022 or email info@hod.ie

Hickey O Donoghue Auctioneers are on the panel of a wide number of banks.

We undertake property valuations for:

  • Residential Bank Valuations
  • Probate Rating
  • For inclusion in annual accounts
  • Tax purposes
  • Rent Review
  • Compulsory Purchase Order
  • Portfolio valuations & investment appraisal
  • Development appraisal
  • Valuations of trading properties as a going concern.
  • Statutory valuations as required under Landlord & Tenant and other legislation.

Hickey O Donoghue Auctioneers' reputation for providing objective and accurate property valuation advice is second to none.